Japan is the 6th destination for people in Europe, U.S.A. and Australia to go next time

The survey on the inbound travel market of Japan, jointly conducted by Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) and JTB Foundation (JTBF), shows that Japan is the 1st destination for people in 12 major global markets to go next time with the ratio of 51%, followed by Australia (41%) and New Zealand (39%).

As long as people in Europe, U.S.A. and Australia are concerned, the top destination to go next time is U.S.A. (53%), followed by Australia (46%) and Canada (46%), and Japan is ranked 6th and the top destination in Asia, moving up from 8th last year. 

In Asian markets, Japan is still the top destination to go next time (57%), followed by Australia (39%), New Zealand (37%) and South Korea (36%). The markets with strong intention to go to Japan next time are Taiwan (75%), Hong Kong (71%) and Singapore (62%). In China, the ratio was down 8 points to 53% for Japan, but up 6 points to 43% for U.S.A.  


Japan is also the top overall among people in planning to travel (34%) and the top for six years in a row in Asia. In Hong Kong, about 60% is actually planning to travel to Japan.

In Europe, U.S.A. and Australia, the top destination in planning to travel is U.S.A. (33%), and Japan skyrockets to 2nd with the ratio of 23% from 8th last year.

The top destination compared in planning to travel to Japan is South Korea (30%), followed by Hong Kong (20%), Taiwan (18%) and China mainland (14%). Interestingly, 29% answer overall that they did not weight other destinations than Japan, and the ratio is high especially in Australia (52%) and France (57%). 

The top local experience to do is to have authentic Japanese foods (65%), followed by cherry blossom and natural landscapes. It is characteristic that more than half of all respondents in Europe, U.S.A. and Australia answer well-known historic heritages and architectures. 

The table below shows top 10 local experiences to do in Japan:


The most poplar accommodation to stay is Japanese ryokan (71%). The most popular length of travel in Japan is 6 to 7 days for travelers from Asia and 10 or longer days for travelers from Europe, U.S.A. and Australia. 

The survey targeted 20 to 59 years old males and females with overseas travel experiences in South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, U.S.A., Australia, U.K. and France in the period from June 26 to July 12 2017. Valid answers were 6,274. 

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