Japanese government starts issuing 'digital nomad’ visa to foreigners with annual income of 10 million JPY or more in 50 countries or regions

Ministry of Justice of Japan has started issuing ‘digital nomad’ visa since April 1 2024 after amending the Immigration Control Law. The visa is applicable to a foreigner who works in Japan with digital technology tools under a job contract with a foreign-based company or organization.

As conditions for the visa, annual income of 10 million JPY or more in about 50 visa waiver countries or regions is required, and earning or tax certificate must be submitted, The stay period in Japan is within 6 months. Accompany with spouses or children can be accepted, depending on the designated countries or regions. In addition, a digital nomad visa traveler must take out  a private medical insurance with compensation amount of 10 million JPY or more for injury or sick.

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