Japanese regions ranks 3rd to 10th in the latest top 10 destinations attracting Asian travelers

Booking.com announced the latest top 10 destinations that are still unknown but are getting popularity among Asian travelers. All of these were searched 100,000 times or less in the period between January and September 2022. 

Top was Camariñas in Spain, followed by Mexico, Missouri, USA. Japanese destinations occupy from 3rd to 10th: Hita in Oita Prefecture, Fujinomiya in Shizuoka Prefecture, Uresihino in Saga Prefecture, Higashi-Osaka in Osaka Prefecture, Ginowan in Okinawa Prefecture, Yomitan in Okinawa Prefecture, Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture and Saga City in Saga Prefecture. Out of the 8 destinations, four are in Kyushu. 


Booking.com commented, “Asian travelers are interested not only in major cities in Japan but also in local regions. Hita, for example, is getting popular because a new museum for globally-popular manga “Attack on Titan.”’

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