JTB Group is reorganized into two business units for individual and corporate travels

JTB announced on March 31 that the group will be reorganized into two business units for individual and corporate travels on April 1 2018. Also, fifteen group companies, which were created by region and by business function in 2006, will be integrated into the headquarters.

JTB explained that it has decided the business reorganization to meet diversified customer demands that result from evolving online technologies and drastic change of competitive environment, judging that the conventional business model no longer functions for customer satisfaction and next challenges. By shifting the business focuses from by region and by function to individual and corporate, JTB intends to take advantage of business resources more effectively and to have smoother decision-making process.

With a main theme of ‘Offering of JTB’s original value by combing digital technology with human-touch services,’ JTB is focusing on digital technologies and use and analysis of big data for the individual business and interaction and solution as well as travel for the corporate business.


Fifteen group companies of JTB Hokkaido, JTB Tohoku, JTB Kanto, JTB Tokyo, JTB Tokai, JTB West Japan, JTB Kansai, JTB Chugoku Shikoku, JTB Kyushu, JTB Corporate Sales, i.JTB, JTB Kumamoto Relation Center, JTB Travel Japan and JTB World Vacations will be integrated into the headquarters. It will function as a new integration company with a group corporate function for business strategies and corporate governance and a business strategy promotion faction, under which three business units for domestic individual, domestic corporate and global are launched.

The current companies’ service offices will be reorganized into corporate business offices and individual business offices under each of the business units. At the same time, the purchase companies for both domestic and overseas travels will shift to a domestic individual business unit to establish an integral system for production and sales and to strengthen a merchandising function.

The independent companies will keep their businesses in partnership with the related business units. The business travel by region and the related-businesses including advertising and PR will be integrated by business.

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