Kansai Airport forecasts 37 million passengers in 2025 of the EXPO year, 1.3 times more than 2018

A survey committee on the future aviation demand at Kansai International Airport reported that passenger demand in 2025 will grow by 1.3 times to 37.3 million compared to 2018, boosted by Osaka Kansai EXPO and an increase in visitors from emerging Asian countries.

Also, aircraft taking-off and landing is expected to increase by 1.3 times to 243,000 a year, exceeding the previous forecast of 230,000 in 1998.

During the EXPO period in 2025 (April to October), aircraft taking-off and landing at peak hour between 12:00 and 13:00 is expected to reach 60, which are more than the expected limit of 45 a hour. 

In 2030, the target year of the Japanese government goal of 60 million international visitors to Japan, passengers are forecasted to total 38.9 million to 49.7 million, and aircraft taking-off and landing 253,000 to 297,000. 

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