Labor shortage in the hospitality industry of Japan will possibly be a serious concern for full-scale business recovery

The latest Teikoku Databank survey finds that the ratio of companies suffering labour shortage reached 50.1% as of September 2022, which was the largest ratio since the pandemic began.

The trend was particularly noteworthy in the hospitality industry, as 62.5% of targeted hotels and ryokans answered that they have suffered shortage of full-time employees, and 62.3% of those said that have suffered shortage of part-time employees. The highest ratio in shortage of full-time employees is found in restaurants with 77.3%.


73% of hotels and ryokans answered that the they will benefit from government’s nationwide travel discount program, but many of them have concerns that labor shortage may be a bottleneck to meet growing demands. 

The survey was conducted in the latter half of September, targeting 26,494 companies nationwide. 

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