Labour shortage in Japan is outstanding in hotels or ryokans as almost 80% of those say ‘yes’

The latest Teikoku Databank survey finds that the ratio of companies suffering from labour shortage was 50% or higher in January 2023, and among all industries, the ratio was much higher in hotels or ryokans than others. Overall, the ratios were 51.7% for full-time employees and 31% for part-time employees. 

77.8% of hotels or ryokans answered that they have suffered labour shortage of full-time employees. It was the highest ratio for three months in a row and much higher than 41.9% a year ago. For part-time employees, the ratio was record-high 81.1%.

Under the circumstance, Teikoku Databank points out that ‘rise in wages’ is inevitable to maintain or hire employees and will be an important factor for Japanese economy in 2023. 



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