Most of local governments do not have definition of international luxury travelers for their tourism policies

Yano Research Institute announced its survey results that inbound tourism policies of 20 major cities face challenges of ‘human resource,’ ‘budget’ and ‘knowledge/skill in their inbound tourism policies, pointing out that they have entered a new phase requiring specialized and higher-level policy-making.

The survey results find that they have organizational issues, such as ‘human resources (69%),’ ‘expertise and skill (64.3%),’ ‘budget (61.9%)’ and ‘local partnership (59.5%),’ as the graph below shows. 


Meanwhile, almost 90% answered that they do not have specific definition of international luxury traveler including (moderately no of 34.1%). The result illustrates that they are short of market analysis for luxury travelers, though the market is potential in their inbound tourism policy. 

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