Only 20% of DMOs in Japan implement tourism-oriented CRM as a digital transformation effort

JTB recently conducted a survey on digital transformation in tourism promotion by DMO and local governments in February and March 2023. 

For delivery information, 85% of all respondents use websites, and usage of YouTube (66%) and usage of magazines or newspapers (60%) are followed. 

Usage of TikTok (43%) and usage of GoogleMyBuisness (43%) are selected as tools they want to try in the near future.  

For marketing survey or analysis, the most answers are found in ‘quantitative survey, such as questionnaire (67%),’ followed by ‘website analysis (40%)’ and ‘social media analysis (36%).’ 

The most-interested action is ‘usage of GoogleMyBuisness (56%),’ followed by qualitative research (47%)’ and ‘social media analysis (45%).’ 

The top reason for DX is to seek business process re-engineering (BPR) with the ratio of 39%, followed by marketing automation (47%), CRM (44%) and Sales Force Automation (40%). 

The biggest challenge for DX is cost (71.6%), followed by IT literacy of staff (57.4%) and shortage of times or human resources (45.8%). 

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