Private accommodation registrations reach 17,000 in Japan, eightfold in the past year after the Law was enforced

Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) reported that private accommodation registrations in Japan reached 17,551 as of June 14 2019, 7.9 times more registrations than 2,210 as of June 15 2018, the day Private Accommodation Law was enforced. 

Out of the registered private accommodations, however, 1,023 have already given up their businesses. Accordingly 16,528 private accommodations were in service as of June 14 2019.

Prefectures with more than 1,000 registrations are Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido and Okinawa. 5,735 private accommodations are registered in Tokyo 23 Words. The top on a city-controlled base is Osaka City with 2,652, followed by Sapporo City with 2,045 and Kyoto City with 582, and on a prefecture-controlled base Fukuoka with 954, followed by Okinawa with 859 and Hokkaido with 485.


Also, JTA announced the number of nights was 243,402 in total in the two months between February 1 and March 31 2019, 9.5% more nights than the previous results between December 1 2018 and January 30 2019. As registered accommodations were 14,859 as of March 31 2019, the average number of nights was 19.3 per accommodation. 

Guests were up 13.9% to 282,250 in the two months between February 1 and March 31 2019, compared to the result between December 1 2018 and January 30 2019, and the total comprised 74,271 Japanese guests (a share of 26.3%) and 207,979 international guests (73.7%). It is noteworthy that the growth rate of Japanese guests was 30.8%, much higher than 8.8% of international guests. 

Shares by international market were 54.2% of East Asia, 22.9% of U.S., Europe and Australia and 18.4% of Southeast Asia/India. When compared to shares of international visitors by market, private accommodations were used more by visitors from U.S, Europe and Australia than by those from East Asia.

In the two months between February 1 and March 31 2019, total guest nights were 747,656, and 89.7 guest nights per accommodation. In FY2018 ending March 31 2019, the total was 2,734,973 guest nights, and Tokyo (1,270,254 guest nights), Hokkaido (462,686 guest nights) and Osaka (307,937 guest nights) accounted for 75% of the total. 

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