Regular international visitors to Tokyo account for a half of the total in 2017

Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced that the number of regular international visitors (twice or more) to Tokyo account for 51.5% in 2017. The market with the most regular visitors was Hong Kong (73.7%), followed by Singapore (65.2%) and Taiwan (64.7%). The market with the most first timer visitors was Spain (79.4%), followed by Canada (66.4%), Italy (65.7%) and Russia (64.0%).

The most popular destination in Tokyo was Shinjuku/Okubo (56.0%), followed by Ginza (49.7%) and Asakusa (45.7%). Shibuya was No.1 in nine markets, particularly in Spain (86.7%), Italy (78.2%) or U.S.A. (62.8%). 


According to the satisfaction survey, the high rates were found in ‘hospitality (88.4%),’ ‘restaurants (85.3%)’ or ‘tourist facilities (83.2%).’ The relatively low rates were found in ‘communication skill (43.2%),’ ‘money exchange (63.9%)’ or ‘signage (64.7%).’


Spending in Tokyo a visitor was 133,731 JPY, about 3,000 JPY more than the previous year’s survey. Spending for shopping was 64,182 JPY a visitor, 0.9% less than the previous year’s survey, and the reduction rate was 3.0% in the Chinese market.

The most satisfied activity in Tokyo was ‘to enjoy Japanese foods in Tsukiji (92.1%).’ Other interesting voices were ‘shopping of appliances in Akihabara (27.7%),’ ‘to see traditional architectures in Asakusa (64.7%),’ ‘to feel nature in Okutama (83.4%)’ or ‘to visit museums in Kichijyoji or Mitaka (30.9%).’ 

The quarterly survey is based on hearings from international visitors who waited for departures in Haneda and Narita Airports.

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