48 major travel companies in Japan unprecedentedly lost 71% of their sales in March 2020, hit by COVID-19

Japan Tourism Agency announced that sales of 48 major travel companies unprecedentedly reduced by 71.4% year on year to 120 billion JPY in total in March 2020, as both of the domestic and overseas travel markets were deadly damaged by travel suspensions or postponements due COVID-19. 

By market, sales were down 63.7% to 91.6 billion JPY for domestic travel, 84.7% to 22.6 billion JPY for overseas travel and 71.4% to 5.8 billion JPY for inbound travel. 

The monthly reduction rate was higher than 18.9% in February 2020. The foreseen result expected to be worse in April under state of emergency declaration. 

Sales of package tour brand products were broken down into 23.4 billion JPY (-75%) with 807,010 customers (-76.7%) for domestic travel, 8.5 billion JPY (-78.1%) with 33,016 customers (-84.3%) for overseas travel and 32.6 million JPY (-93.8%) with 2,318 customers (-94.6%) for inbound travel. 

All of the targeted 48 companies largely reduced sales. Hankyu reduced sales in total by 92.8%, as its sales of overseas travel were down 98.9%. NTA also decreased sales of overseas travel by 98.9% compared a year ago. 


Including the results in March 2020,  sales in FY2019 were down 8.4% to 4,291 billion JPY in total, which consisted of 2,581 billion JPY for domestic travel (-8.3%), 1,511 billion JPY (-10%) for overseas travel and 199.6 billion JPY for inbound travel (+4.9%). 

Sales of package tour brand products were broken down into 885.6 billion JPY (-9.1%) with 28,915,000 customers (-14.1%) for domestic travel, 392.7 billion JPY (-7.1%) with 1,641,000 customers (-13.7%) for overseas travel and 46.6 billion JPY (-22.1%) with 423,000 customers (-16.7%) for inbound travel. 


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