SNS data show differences of tastes for Japan by nationality among international visitors to Japan

Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance recently conducted a survey on tastes of international visitors to Japan, based on postings in English on Twitter and postings in Chinese on Weibo, in cooperation with Social Insight Lab. jointly launched by Dentsu and NTT Data.

The survey results show that buzzes about ‘seeing’ and ‘eating’ were found more among Australian travelers than among travelers from other English-speaking countries, such as U.S., U.K. or Canada.

Postings on ‘seeing’ among Chinese travelers accounted for half of the total, while buzzes about ‘buying’ just for 2% of the total. Postings on ‘buying’ were found more among travelers from Malaysia and Indonesia, and postings on ‘eating’ among travelers from Philippine and India. Travelers from Singapore posted more on ‘experience.’

The table below shows comparison of buzzes among travelers from English-speaking countries:


The table below shows comparison of buzzes among travelers from Asia:


The survey results also clarified highly valued tourist spots in Japan by international visitors, like lavender field, local foods in Kushiro or Noroko Train in Hokkaido, Oyasukyo Onsen in Akita, Ginzan Onsen in Yamagata, landscape of Genkai Sea or the wreck in Fukejima in Kyushu. The researcher analyzed that traditional Japanese architectures were especially valued by travelers from English-speaking countries, while local experiences and seasonal nature by travelers from Asia.

The map below shows highly valued tourist spots by international visitors despite fewer buzzes:


Targeted data for the survey were 736,213 postings on Twitter and 101,128 postings on Weibo by foreigners in 50 or more countries or regions. 

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