Star Flyer is the most-satisfied airline among Japanese domestic flight users, and customer satisfaction largely relies on crews and flight delay

J.D. Power Japan released the results of ‘airline customer satisfaction survey 2023’ targeting Japanese domestic flight users, based on five criteria of ‘flight crew,’ ‘in-flight service and facility,’ ‘check-in and airport handling,’ ‘booking’ and ‘airfare.’

The most-satisfied airline is Star Flyer (729 points) winning the highest scores in ‘in-flight service and facility,’ ‘check-in and airport handling’ and ‘booking,’ followed by Skymark (715 points), ANA (709 points) and JAL (705 points). The average point is 701 points.

The most-affected factor to customer satisfaction is ‘flight crew’ with the ratio of 27%, followed by ‘in-flight service and facility’ with 22%, ‘check-in and airport handling’ with 21%, ‘booking’ with 15% and ‘airfare’ with 14%. 


Regarding online check-in, the most-used check-in system is ‘automatic check-in kiosk’ at an airport with the ration of 42%, followed by online check-in with 35% and check-in at a counter with 23%. The ration of online check-in is 30 to 40% regardless of generations. 

Customer satisfaction generally lowers when they experience flight delay, and in case of ‘due to a mechanical problem,’ the customer satisfaction rate is 61 lower points than the average. In addition, the ratio of users who intend to use the same airline is 41%. 

Regarding an in-flight free Wi-Fi service, about 30% of users have used it, but 44% have  had troubles with slow speed or disconnection. 

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