Sumitomo Mitsui Card, a leading credit card of Japan, visualizes travelers’ cashless payment data on Tourism Forecast Platform

Sumitomo Mitsui Card, a leading credit card of Japan, will begin providing its cashless payment data to Tourism Forecast Platform, a marketing tool, in October 2022, enabling users to analyze consumption behaviors of domestic and foreign travelers.

The provided data specifically visualize top 3 of Sumitomo Mitsui Card member shops and users’ demographics by prefecture. 

In addition, Sumitomo Mitsui Card offers ‘Custella Analytics,’ a data analysis service, which is a cross-summary and analysis of user information on payment in terms of ‘when,’ ‘where,’ ‘what kind of users,’ ‘what’ and ‘how much.’ 

Tourism Forecast Platform, is a marketing tool for local governments, DMOs, private firms and local tourism service providers to improve their productivities. 


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