Tokyo Shibuya and Honolulu sign a sister city agreement to promote tourism exchanges

Tokyo Shibuya Ward and Honolulu of Hawaii signed a sister city agreement on May 31 2024 to work together for sharing knowledge and experiences in tourism, eduction, sports and environment and promoting exchanges of people and economic and industrial cooperation. 

The agreement is based on the calling from Hawaii Tourism Japan. “I visited Honolulu in last December and I felt passion to Shibuya from local people there,” Ken Hasebe, director of Shibuya Ward, said. “I hope that the agreement is going to be an opportunity for people in both Shibuya and Honolulu to have city prides.” 


Andy Sugg, Chief of Staff, Honolulu city, said that Shibuya and Honolulu have the same page to make them better cities by sharing unique cultures, 


Shibuya will start full-scale activities as a sister city in 2025, and a delegation is supposed to visit Honolulu in December this year to talk about exchange programs with the counterparts in Honolulu. 

Shibuya hopes to create opportunities for people in Shibuya to feel Hawaii more intimately. Honolulu expects to expand exchanges of people in a variety of fields and for a variety of generations. 

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