Travel spending in Japan by international visitors was sluggish in the first quarter of 2019

Japan Tourism Agency reported that travel spending in Japan by international visitors was unchanged to 1,118.2 billion JPY in the first quarter of 2019 (January to March 2019) compared to a year earlier. As the number of international visitors was up 5.7% to 8,053,700 in the same period, spending a traveler was down 5.9% to 143,206 JPY.

Spending of 402.1 billion JPY by Chinese travelers accounted for a share of 36%, which was the largest. The second largest share (13.4%) was seen in Taiwan with 150.1 billion JPY, followed by South Korea with 147.9 billion JPY (13.2%), Hong Kong with 80.7 billion JPY (7.2%) and U.S. with 62.1 billion JPY (5.6%). Spending by the top five markets accounted for three fourth of the total. 

In terms of spending a traveler, the top market was Australia with 234,972 JPY a traveler, but the amount was down 4.5% year on year. Spending a traveler increased in Singapore and Germany. 

In terms of expense items, shopping was the top with a share of 34.7%, followed by lodging with 29.1% and eating/drinking with 22.1%.


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