GenZ finds preferable merchandise on SNS much more frequently than before, but still prefers to street shopping

The latest survey on shopping behavior of Generation Z, conducted by Yomiko Advertising Inc., finds that a touch point with better shopping among Generation Z has shifted to SNS from physical shops amid the pandemic.

The survey results show a decrease in Generation Z who has good chances to buy their preferable merchandise in physical shops, as the ratio drops from 37.1% in 2019 to 18% in 2021 for shopping complexes and from 34.3% to 10.7% for street shops.


On the contrary, the most-used touch point is Instagram, doubling from 14.3% to 29.7%, followed by YouTube and Twitter. Generation Z tends to find their preferable merchandise on SNS more frequently than 40s or Millennium Generation does.


Despite a decrease in physical touch points, the top place to purchase is still physical shops with the ratio of 53%. Yomiko Advertising analyzed that the roles of SNS and physical shops have been changing among Generation Z.

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