ikyu.com is top OTA in Japan for Net Promoter Score, followed by Rakuten Travel and Expedia

Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey for eight OTAs in Japan, conducted by NTTCom Online Marketing Solutions, finds that ikyu.com won the highest NPS (-1.5 points), particularly getting high scores in higher products than expected or imagined and high-quality travel.

NPS is an indicators to measure customer trust and attachment to products and services, which indicates how much a user can recommend products or services to others. 

The second is Rakuten Travel (-5.8 points) and the third Expedia (-9.7 points). Both of the OTA were valued in terms of cost performance. Rakuten got high scores in terms of products to meet needs, and Expedia in terms of higher products than expected or imagined.

The survey results show that appropriate recommendation or proposal of travel plan, reliability and security of services, usability of app are essential to create royalty.  


Official app users get higher royalty

The biggest information source was recommendations from family or friends (34.4%), followed by travel company’s or travel-related websites (31.3%) and travel guidebooks or magazines (24.3%).

Also, the survey results find that 26.9% of all respondents used OTA official apps within the last one year. NPS of official app users was 4.9 points, much higher than -24.4 points of non-users.

69.6% of official app users said that information or proposals delivered by OTA are suitable to their needs or tastes. 

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