JTB works together with Asahi Breweries to develop a nighttime rickshaw tour in Asakusa for inbound travelers

JTB, Asahi Breweries and Jidaiya, a rickshaw operator, worked together for a inbound travel program to tour cherry blossom spots in Asakusa  by rickshaw in the nighttime. The 45-minutes tour was the limited program for four days, and on the first day, three couples of inbound travelers joined the tour, though cherries did not blossom yet at that time. 

This was the first project for JTB and Asahi Breweries to create high-quality nighttime economy tourism contents, which has started since January this year. 

Cherries did not blossom yet at that time, unfortunately.

There are actually several challenges to encourage inbound travelers to spend money in the nighttime in Japan, such as shortage of programs, opportunities or promotions. To solve the issues, JTB intends to generate nighttime economic effects widely through partnerships with local communities or local business operators. JTB said that it is essential to co-create nighttime contents with different industries. 

Asahi Breweries regards the inbound travel market as an entrance to sell its beer products in the overseas markets. Hirotaka Tagami, Sales & Operations Planning Department General Manager at Asahi Breweries, said, “What we should do first is to let inbound travelers know about our products. As inbound travelers are expected to increase more, the opportunity will be larger.” 

JTB and Asahi Breweries will work together again for Hirosaki Sakura Festival in Aomori Prefecture in late April and plan to organize ‘beer garden (enjoying beer outside)’ for inbound travelers in Tokyo or in Osaka this summer. 

Promoting nighttime walk in the area

The Jidaiya’s rickshaw tour usually departs from the Jidaiya shop and return to the same place, but for the special program, the tour’s final destination was in the busy street with many bars or izakaya restaurants intentionally to let participants walk around there and maybe stop by somewhere for shopping or eating and drinking. After the tour ended, a area map listed a variety of bars or izakaya restaurants was handed to the participants. 

JTB and Asahi Breweries will continue seeking another opportunities to activate nighttime economy to contribute to the governmental goal of 1.5 trillion JPY a year in consumption by inbound travelers in 2030. 

Guests from Spain enjoyed nighttime in Asakusa.

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