Metaverse space of Kyoto City opens in a virtual space Shibuya to deliver tradition and tourism attractions

Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) opened Metaverse space ‘Kyoto PlLUS X’ in virtual space ‘Shibuya Miyashita Park Powered by PARALLEL SITE,’ which opened in July 2021, to deliver and experience tradition and tourism attractions virtually. 

DNP has developed XR (Extended Reality) Communication business since 2021 to build virtual spaces in cooperation with local governments. 

Kyoto PlLUS X will deliver movies in tie-up with a craftwork event ‘CRAFT POINT KYOTO’ hosted by Kyoto City to give applicants opportunities to watch artisans’ skills remotely. In the virtual space, EC site also opens to buy introduced craftworks. 

Kyoto PlLUS X depicts landscapes of Kyoto to let users feel as if they are walking in Kyoto, and they can get tourism information on exhibition monitors in the metaverse space. 

It is possible for a user to become an avatar to talk with other users and to share images on SNS. 

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