Millennials and Generation Z in APAC more tend to look for ‘luxury travel’ and ‘local experience’

The awareness survey on travel to Millennials and Generation Z in APAC, conducted by Klook, an experience booking platform, finds that one out of every three respondents answered they want to spend more than $2,000 for the next travel, which almost double the average salary of $1,069 a month in the region. 

The survey was conducted to 2,400 18 years old to 40 year old in 12 APAC markets in the period between July 1 to 14 2023.

The first priority in traveling among them is ‘local experience,’ as 63% said that they book local experience first before departure. More than 90% puts priority on unique and memorable experiences, and 85% intend to spend more money for local experiences in traveling. 

One out of every five Generation Z respondents said that they do not care about spending $3,000 or more for their travels, and the ratio among Millennials was one out of every four. By market, the highest ratio of spending $3,000 or more  was seen in China (58%), followed by Hong Kong (39%). 

More than half of Generation Z answered that they use SNS to find new destinations or experiences, while 59% of Millennials still prefer to search engines, 

The survey also finds that 65% of Millennials and Generation Z plan their travels two months to six months at least before departure, and the trend can be seen in Singapore (74%) and Australia (57%) particularly. 

They tend to choose short-haul destinations, such as domestic travel (60%) or intra-APAC (30%). The survey shows that the most popular destination was Japan. 

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