Spare-time job offerings by hotels in Japan reached record-high in December 2023 due to serious labor shortage

Timee, a spare-time job matching platform, revealed that the number of spare-time job offerings by hotels increased by about 4.2 times in December 2023 compared to a year ago, breaking the previous record. Timee said that it resulted from serious labor shortage in the hospitality industry in Japan amid rapid recovery of inbound travelers. 

Timee also said that spare-time job demand has increased for new hotels when they open or even before they open. 

By area, spare-time job offerings particularly increased by about 3.8 times in Kansai and about 2.2 times in Hokkaido in December 2023.


Among spare-time workers in hotels, 59% have not worked in hotels before, while 41% have worked in hotels before. For experienced workers, hotels require a wide variety of assignments, such as house keeping, event staff, restaurant or even specialists including driver or interpreter. 

About 48% of all spare-time workers answered that they turned an image of working in a hotel for the better, and among unexperienced workers, the percentage was 54%. 

Also, about 48% of all spare-time workers answered they want to continue working in the assigned hotel longer, and among unexperienced workers, the percentage was 47%. 

About 75% said that they want to work for a hotel or a ryokan in the future. Major reasons are ‘because it matches my desired time to work (69.2%),’ ‘because hotel staff are kind (42%)’ and ‘because job in a hotel is fun (31.8%).’


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