A pre-booking program for Mt. Fuji will be launched in July 2024, giving climbers wristbands for qualification

Yamanashi Prefecture will introduce a pre-booking program to collect admission fees from climbers to Mt.Fuji on July 1 2024 to avoid expected confusion at a gate and to improve climbers’ conveniences. The prefecture has started receiving applications since May 20 2024.

The prefecture placed a gate in the Mt. Fuji fifth entrance station to collect admission fees this year. The gate is closed from 16:00 to 3:00 next day to limit up to 4,000 entries a day. 

A climber accesses to ‘Official Website for Mt. Fuji Climbing’ to pay 2,000 yen a person for admission with credit card or QR code-payment. Then, a QR-code will be delivered on a registered e-mail, and a wristband for qualification can be issued at the fifth station gate after the delivered QR-code is tapped on the terminal. 

Booking can be accepted by 23:59 on the day before climbing. One booking can be paid for up to 100 climbers. 

Without a pre-booking, a climber can enter the mountain on the day if pre-bookings do not reach the limited numbers a day. 



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