International guest nights remarkably recovered in April 2023, while Japanese guest nights reduced compared to 2019

Japan Tourism Agency reported that the total number of guest nights in April 2023 (provisionally) was up 41.6% year on year to 47.8 million. The reduction rate over April 2023 was 6.1%, which were worse than 0.9% in March 2023.

Out of the total, Japanese guest nights were up 12.5% year on year or down 5.6% over April 2019 to 37.2 million, and  international guest nights recovered to a 8% reduction to 10.4 million compared to April 2019.


The occupancy rate was 55.6% overall, 9.4 lower higher points than April 2019. By type of accommodation, the rates were 33.3% for ryokans, 48.0% for resort hotels, 67.7% for budget hotels and 68.2% for city hotel.

In March 2023 (definitely), the total number of guest nights was down 0.9% to 50.7 million over 2019, out of which international guest nights were down 20.7% to 7.6 million. By prefecture, Tochigi remarkably increased international guest nights by 65.5% to  34,570 compared to March 2019. Tokyo also increased those by 21.7% to 3.03 million. 


The biggest international source market was U.S., followed by South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, all of which accounted for 54.6% of the total. Guest nights of travelers from U.S., Singapore, Canada, Philippines and Malaysia exceeded those in March 2019. 


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