The most popular internet services in Japan are Yahoo! Japan in users and YouTube in usage time

Nielsen Digital’s ‘Tops of 2021: Digital in Japan’ ranking shows that the top internet service was Yahoo! Japan with the reach rate of 68.9% a month, followed by Goggle with 65.1%. Seven out of ten Japanese people used the top two services one time or more a month. 

Top 10 services are as follows:

1 Yahoo! Japan (68.9%)

2 Google (65.1%)

3 LINE (56.8%)

4 YouTube (56.5%)

5 Rakuten (49.2%)

6 Amazon (41.9%)

7 Twitter (40.5%)

8 Instagram (37.9%)

9 PayPay (29.8%)

10 Facebook (28.9%)

YouTube was the top service in terms of GRP and usage time probably because people were forced to stay home amid COVID-19. 

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