Tokyo Metro forms a capital and business alliance with BtoB e-ticket platform Linktivity to develop packaged ‘Tokyo City Pass’

Toyo Metro and Linktivity, a BtoB e-ticket platform, formed a capital and business alliance, and Linktivity will issue new stocks to Tokyo Metro through third-party allocation. 

Linktivity is a subsidiary of Veltra, an experience and optional tour booking platform, with 308,890 stocks issued. Through the third-party allocation, Linktivity will issue new 78,067 stocks at 17,583 JPY a stock, which will amount to about 1.4 billion JPY. The stockholding ratio after the new stock issue will be 75.52% by Veltra, 20.17% by Tokyo Metro and 4.31% by NTT West. 

Linktivity provides a transaction system between ticket sellers, such as railways or tourist attractions, and global OTAs, primarily targeting inbound travelers to Japan. 

Tokyo Metro and Linktivity are selling electric ‘Tokyo Subway Ticket’ for inbound travelers on the Linktivity’s OTA network. The all-you-can-ride e-ticket can be redeemed to a real ticket at Tokyo Metro stations. 

In addition to ‘Tokyo Subway Ticket,’ they plan to develop ‘Tokyo City Pass (provisional name),’ which is packaged with tourist attraction tickets and subway tickets, and also e-payment systems by credit card, e-wallet or QR code. 

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