Tokyo Ota creates a digital SENTO (public bathhouse) experience tour for foreign travelers arriving in Haneda Airport

EY Strategy and Consulting (EYSC), Nippon Travel Agency (NTA) and VR contents creator ABAL, together with Ota Tourism Association of Tokyo, will perform a SENTO(public bathhouse) experience tour ‘”SENTO” New Entertainment Experience Tour in Ota, Haneda area’ for foreign travelers who arrive in Haneda Airport located in Ota area. 

Having the most SENTOs in Tokyo, Ota tries to revive SENTO as a Japan’s unique tourism attraction.

The tour incorporates digital experiences to learn how to use SENTO as well as real experience. After participants learn SENTO cultures or appropriate behaviors on VR, they can experience foot bath and projection mapping performance in a traditional SENTO. 

NTA is responsible for planning and promotion of the project, including development of a projection mapping program with Tokyo University of Technology students, and EYSC manages the entire project and analyze how it works. 

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